We Work on Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

We provide a long list of services
*Se Habla Espanol*-Spanish
*Milame Elinika*-Greek





-Foreign and Domestic auto repairs-
-Electrical work-
-OEM Dealer Style Computer Reprogramming-
-Wheel/ Tire Sales-
-4 wheel Tire Alignments w/ complete paperwork-
-TPMS repair and Reprogramming New Sensors-
-Performance Upgrades-
-OEM original parts-
-Scan tool Diagnostics-
-Check Engine Light Troubleshooting-
-Inspection Repair Facility-
-Inspection Facility-
-Air Conditioning Repair-
-Window Repair-
-Engine Repair, Tune Ups, Maintenance-
-Transmission Maintenance/Repair/Diagnostics-
-Complete repair order profile for all customers and -each vehicle they own w/ e-mail capabilities-
-(no  spamming)-
**We provide local Pick up and Drop off for customers to go home, work, or any transportation Facilities with in a Reasonable distance**




    4 Wheel Alignment Machine

    4 Wheel Alignment Machine

    Engine Swaps w/ Super Charger Install

    Engine Swaps w/ Super Charger Install

    Audi Style Lighting

    Audi Style Lighting

     Other Services:

    Local Pick up and Drop off services for our customers


    Buy, Sell and dispose of all Vehicles 

    Custom Lighting

    Window Replacement

    Exhaust Welding

    OEM Dealer Style Computer Reprogramming

    Key Reprogramming*

    Vehicle State Inspections


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    Gas Station Hours


    Monday---Fri 6am-10pm








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